Cascata de Luxo

Towards a Dream

Who We Are

We are a small creative team of specialists who once moved to Portugal. Having arrived here for the first time, we decided that we not only want to stay here, but aslo want to pass on our experience to anyone who wants settle in Portugal

Our Mission

Our main goal is to pass on our experience to anyone who wants settle in Portugal. We provide information assistance and advice on choosing a suitable immigration program, paperwork, renting a first home and further residence in Portugal.

We believe you should live where your heart tells you to. That’s why we are helping people from all the world to move to beautiful Portugal and enjoy the lifestyle they have been dreaming of.

Our Projects

Our Location

Place of our location – beautiful Cascais, Portugal. It is a municipality in the Lisbon District, located on the Portuguese Riviera.
The inspiration we get here allows us generate ideas on the scale. And we`ve got enough power to execute the well throuhg our projects, like MoveToCascais or RocaInvest.

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