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Who We Are

We are Nick and Yury – friends for already 15 years and partners at Cascata de Luxo, LDA. 

It was the middle of 2020, the hard time to decide to open a new business, but we took the challenge, and in September, our company was registered. Although we were newcomers to Portugal and our knowledge of the country wasn’t significant yet, our entrepreneurial experience clearly stated about the opportunities hidden in this gem – the strip of the ocean-side land where the sun shines almost all year around. 

This is
Yury Yurchyk

Yury started his career as a police special forces instructor - this is where he learned to lead, motivate and manage people.

After that, he started working in Interpol - and this enabled him to improve his communication skills while dealing with colleagues internationally.

When the time came, Yury decided to retire from the government services to start his own business - he became a partner in a company selling cars from the USA. Also, Yury became a partner in many export/import trading operations. This is when his selling and communication skills upgraded heavily.

All these activities led him to start a security services company which, in seven years, became one of the leaders in the market with hundreds of employees and dozens of clients all over Ukraine.

Nevertheless, he’s not managing it on a daily basis now, Yury’s sitting as a head of its board and decides on the strategical issues.

This is
Nick Bratyna

Nick has been making real estate deals since he was 17 - his parents worked as the agents for a real estate company, and they first showed him the opportunities in buying and selling property, how to make deals ​​using the credit, and how to work with clients.

On top of these activities, with some partners, Nick has built a credit broker and an insurance company related to real estate. He also participated in retail business (decor goods), travel agency, medical clinic, several restaurants, and a hotel near Kyiv.

In 2012 he switched to IT - he became a partner in a software development and outsourcing firm. Also, he tried his luck in an Uber-like startup which was the first and the only taxi app in Kyiv by that time, but unfortunately died after Uber and some other competitors with deep pockets came into the market.

Except for real estate deals and managing duties, Nick personally liked doing digital marketing. And since 2016 operated a small team of affiliate marketers and mastered all of the components of digital marketing on his own. So in 2018, he opened a consulting company that provides CMOaaS for SMEs business owners who want to get the most out of the modern digital economy.

We both moved from Kyiv, Ukraine. In business, it is essential to look for better market opportunities. In life, in general, it is natural to look for better places to live. And we were constantly moving forward toward these goals. But the pandemic accelerated this process, and the decision to move the capital to a better economy and ourselves to a better-quality life – was fast. 

Proper timing is essential. That’s why, while the real estate market stood still as a scared rabbit, we decided that it was the right time to buy property. And why not build a business on top of this process?

For us, it worked like this:

We had an experience obtaining the residence permit for ourselves. And as soon as we noticed all of the downsides of the process, we saw the opportunity to improve it and built a service called It took us six months to understand how to scale it – and not only in obtaining new clients but also that the service could be the best quality on the market. 

After we started, it was inevitable to deal with banks regarding all the KYC/AML procedures, so as soon as we knew this part of the process well, we began to add services and improved MoveToCascais.

In parallel, we decided to invest some money in the real estate market. For this purpose, we followed all the required processes – made appointments with agents, dealt with lawyers, talked to bankers, credit brokers, insurance companies, accountants.

So we did our own research, and the result was such: we bought a house for reconstruction near the ocean where four flats will be. Depending on the market, we’ll sell them or rent them out. After that first deal, we also bought a land plot with a project for two houses which we will build and sell.

As soon as we acknowledged ourselves with the process of buying and selling real estate in Portugal, we decided that we could also help lots of people to do the same. Especially when we saw such requests from our existing clients all the time – many of them were looking for similar opportunities as we did.

So we decided to provide not only consulting services but also obtain a real estate license to be able to represent the interests of our clients in this market fully. That’s when the website appeared.

In business, we value win-win relationships. And that’s why we focus most of all on the value we can give to our clients – deliver the best possible results while saving time and money. 

All of our clients already know and understand that living a dream life is not a fairytale – it’s the reality here, in Portugal. It’s a warm and welcoming country where people enjoy life entirely. Believe us, you will like it, too!

Our Team

Our front office is located in Estoril – the most beautiful and charming city in Portugal, in just 200 meters away from the Atlantic ocean. 

Somebody calls this place “the end of the world,” but we think of it as the center. And if you look at it from such a perspective, you would definitely understand why people from all around the globe choose Cascais district to be their home. That’s why we want all of our clients to come to taste this ocean-shore life. You are warmly welcomed here! 

For now, we’ve got almost 15 people (and counting) working on delivering the best possible services to you. Apart from the people in the office in Estoril, our team is distributed through 3 different countries cause we appreciate the idea of remote work when you can freely decide from where to do your duties regardless of any boundaries.

What Do We Offer

To make the long short, we take our client by the hand and walk him through all the processes needed to live a great-quality life here, in Portugal – from picking up in the Lisbon airport, choosing an apartment to rent, obtaining a residence permit, etc., to buying a dream home.

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